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Notes from our first SCMS Meeting

Cross Posted at Our SCMS DHVC SIG Facebook page by Drew Morton

Hi All:

So I’m posting Jason Mittell’s notes regarding our first meeting/future SIG goals:

Sponsor a seminar
Alternative formats (pre/post-conference workshop – collaborating with local institutions)
Advocacy for online secure access to digitized archival materials
Promote and support digital scholarship policies & acceptance, esp for grad students
Advocate for open access and/or multimedia publishing – create list of relevant sites, publishers, platforms
Curate resources for teaching DH/VC, tools & tutorials (externally hosted open site, not at SCMS web)
Marketplace for collaborators on projects
Fostering mentorship relationships
Directory of DH projects within film & media
Connect more with European DH community
Sharing grant proposals for successful DH funding projects
Workshop for seeking funding

Our first priority is to try to line up SIG events for Toronto – I’ve never been, so if anyone has ideas, I’m sure I speak for the whole admin team when I say that I’d love to hear them.

Secondly, given the format changes SCMS has made for next year (which I’m not sure when SCMS will put out an official notice about these – I know they were mentioned at various meetings), we discussed trying to do a seminar or a pre or post-conference workshop so folks could actually bring a computer and try to learn some of this software/skills. I’m not sure if this is too ambitious for next year already, but it’s an idea that I think will really make an impact.

In the meantime, I’m also going to try to set up a basic WordPress site for the SIG where we can try to curate resources for teaching, circulate CFPs, etc (basically, start a hub for many of the other goals mentioned above). As much as Facebook can be helpful at SCMS is an official hub, they both have their idiosyncrasies.

Thanks again to Jason for getting everything started and thanks to Jasmijn Van Gorp, Krystal Cooper, and Joseph Pomp for volunteering their time.

Election Results:

Jasmijn Van Gorp (Co-Chair), Term 3/2017-3/2019
Drew Morton (Co-Chair), Term 3/2017-3/2020
Krystal Cooper (Graduate Student Representative), Term 3/2017-3/2020
Joseph Pomp (Graduate Student Representative), Term 3/2017-3/2018

The Official SCMS Digital Humanities and Videographic Criticism SIG Website Can Be Found Here.  

Feel free to pop questions/comments/concerns below.

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